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Marc Oberhäuser

Interest Check: Atari 2600 Collection

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I might sell off the remains of my Atari 2600 collection.


Here some pictures: http://atariage.com/forums/gallery/album/2456-my-atari-collection/


1.650+ Games


- 1.250+ boxed

- 400+ loose or manual only


- 830+ NTSC (US/Brazil/Japan)

- 820+ PAL (EU, UK, AUS)



Lots of Hardware

- Systems

- Game Selectors

- Joysticks

- Unfolded Atari Japan boxes

- Lots of catalogs

- More... (check PDF)


In case of interest:

- In case of interest please send me a PM, I'll do some pictures later tomorrow.

- No lowballs please

- I have no plans splitting up the lot. It would be all or nothing.

- I am located in Germany, shipment would be quite a few parcels.

- The pictures of the Atari Silver Label games are old, several games are gone (Quadrun, SWWW, Gravitar SL, Rubik), only the games on the PDF games list are included.


I've yet not decided if I sell the collection. Just testing the waters.


Thx for reading.


Atari 2600 Games List.pdf

Atari 2600 Hardware List.pdf

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I hate seeing this Marc.

I Dont have the pockets to make a fair offer on everything. Good luck with the sale.

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