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"Kickin Back" online and other things with the 'ol TI!

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As we all know, the TI has been getting more and more useful for things other than games over the past couple of years.  It's getting to the point where a guy can spend an extended and enjoyable time on the TI and NOT be bored.


Checking messages on the BBS'es,  checking out Chatti messages, making moves in chess or playing another online game or two, hell even checking the weather, before popping over to the MYTI99.COM group chat.  I also keep and check/update my calendar/schedule with RemindMe! and then I'm off to at least 1/2 dozen other things.


I'm really looking forward to the Group chat on April 9th.  After I get home in the afternoon I might just make it a personal "TI-ONLY DAY".  Right now I temporarily have two TI systems setup in the den, so I can play on one, and monitor the group chat on the other. 


I'm honestly having more fun with the TI NOW, then I did back in the 80's!  :thumbsup:

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