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Dungeons and Doomknights for NES

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I thought this was a clever April Fool's joke, but apparently it's real! AdventureQuest is a web-based RPG that is beloved by a people younger than me. I've tried to get into their 3D MMORPG which seems to be an update of many of the same characters and situations. Now they're going back to an 8-bit aesthetic, complete with a plan to make an NES cartridge.


We launched this on April 1st, "April Fools Day," but this is no joke!

We are running this Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for cartridge, box and manual production. Our friendly (and a little crazy) video game studio, Artix Entertainment, has been creating games and fun experiences through our weekly game updates for over 16 years. Backing this Kickstarter will also unlock exclusive in-game items for you in two of our online games: AdventureQuest 3D & AdventureQuest Worlds. You can learn more about our studio at www.Artix.com




Looks kinda good, even though I'm a recovering crowdfunder and want to stay sober.






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I really feel there should just be a plain cart only option in between the $12 digital version and the $48 regular complete edition.

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So what is the objective of this game?

This. I wish they also had footage of the game play when the kick...started. That way those of us who are not familiar with the company's work have an idea what we are getting into.

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