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Complete Original Vectrex Overlay Collection with Cartridges and Manuals

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I've decided to seriously moderate my Vectrex addiction and limit myself to what really works for me and now I'm about down to the last stuff I intend to sell.


This is all 22 U.S. GCE commercially produced screen overlays, along with the matching cartridges and manuals, offered for lot purchase.


I have this cross listed on that one world wide website for $700 BIN or Best Offer. I'm looking for offers.


More than half of these overlays are in what I consider excellent condition. The others are average. See photos for which is which. Hyperchase has a tiny dent and would otherwise be considered excellent by me.


Manuals are average. Scramble is colored in.


Cartridges are good condition, some excellent.


I am not keen to break this lot up. The only exception would be a competitive offer where you leave a few games behind but take most. I am definitely not breaking up titles to sell overlays without carts, unless you plan to undervalue the stuff you are leaving behind.


.. I have the three light pen games with manuals as well and haven't decided to sell yet. Inquire if you are interested.


.. Few last things I'll be selling when ready will be broken/disassembled GCE Vectrex control panel, never built Vectrex controller kit by AtariAge Rolo, Starblast controller, Spike's Circus loose PCB and possibly Logo loose PCB and one more original Minestorm overlay. Also an unused no-buzz kit.





















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Lowered eBay price, which is still artificially high. Also edited original post to indicate this change.

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