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In the last few days I received feedback from Vorticon with some ideas to make
the menu control in the mega menu a bit more comfortable.


Here is the result:


MEGA MENU v2.50 – New version:  Jul / 24 / 2020

MM250.zip                  The complete package with all demo programs and the Gameshelf programs.


MM250_UPDATE.zip     Only the files you need for an update of an existing menu system.
                                        Easy copy the files to the directory TIPI.MM.


MegaMenu-250.pdf      The manual with the extensions of the new version.



New in version 2.50

This version contains some new commands for comfortable control of the menu system.
- FCTN+3            

Deletes a menu item – The program asks for the item 1-9 or A-U.
If the menu item is a submenu call with a menu configuration file, the program
asks whether this file should also be deleted. You can answer “Y”es or “N”o.
If the menu item is not to be deleted, press ENTER to return to the menu view


- FCTN+9            

Always changes to the main menu 1/3.



Changes the main menu to the left.
When the main menu 1/3 is displayed, FCTN + S changes to the main menu 3/3,   
a new entry to 2/3, the next entry again to the main menu 1/3.
If a submenu is currently displayed, FCTN + S changes back to the menu from
which the submenu was called. This function remembers up to 5 submenu calls.



Changes the main menu to the right.
When the main menu 1/3 is displayed, FCTN + D changes to the main menu 2/3,   
a new entry to 3/3, the next entry again to the main menu 1/3.
If a submenu is currently displayed the menu points to the next submenu if it has  
been selected beforehand. The function remembers up to 5 submenu calls.


Now you can configure a menu item to run a program from a Ram disk or from a Hard disk drive.

To run for example the program ARC3 from the Ram Disk Drive “DSKE.”
The configuration shows in the picture below.


The Device names can be DSK1 to DSK9 or DSKA to DSKZ.
It should also be possible to use IDE1 to IDE9 or IDEA to IDEZ (not testet yet!).


There are some more improvements about error messages for the file handling.

See more info in the manual.


Update Mega Menu from version 2.48 to 2.50

If you want to update your existing Mega Menu system from the version 2.48 to the
version 2.50 you can easy unzip the file MM250_update.ZIP in your TIPI folder TIPI.MM.
This change seven files in the Mega Menu root path:






That’s it, enjoy the new version!



Coming soon:
For the additional programs that are included in the package, I will conduct a separate
workshop on using Stuart's Internet Browser and Force Command with the Mega Menu system.





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