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SDCC 3.9.0 RC1

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Dear SDCC users,

Today the first Release Candidate (RC1) for SDCC 3.9.0 has been created.
As always it has been put online in our SourceForge File section.

If you have the time, please verify it and report back with the positive
or negative results.

There have been various improvements, both features and bug fixes
since SDCC 3.8.0. The full ChangeLog is at

The following is a list of particularly noticeable new features.

* Support for struct / union assignment.
* Optimizations in the stm8 backend relevant to soft float increase
Whetstone score by two thirds.
* Improvements in rematerialization in the stm8 backend improve code
generation for struct, union and arrays.
* New stack allocator reduces stack space usage for the stm8, z80, z180,
gbz80, r2k, r3ka, tlcs90 backends.
* New ez80_z80 backend for eZ80 in Z80 mode.
* Removed deprecated sdcclib utility.
* New pdk14 backend for Padauk µC with 14-bit wide program memory.
* New in-development pdk15 backend for Padauk µC with 15-bit wide
program memory.

Philipp Klaus Krause
SDCC 3.9.0 Release Manager

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Installed SDCC 3.9.0 RC1 wih no problem. Compiled my current project and it worked fine.

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Also, there currently is a survey on use of various SDCC backends:


If you would like to see support in SDCC for a device not yet supported or if you use the mcs51 backend for a device that has support for dual dptr, please state so (and which device it is) in a comment.

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