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FS: Modded PlayStation 1 SCPH-9001 bundle w/controller and memory cards

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My references: https://www.heatware.com/u/55794/to

Also see my signature for my AA feedback thread. Prices including shipping in the USA.

Modded PS1 - The system isn't one I ever had much nostalgia for, though I did have one back in 98/99. I've had it for around 5 months and have played it exactly twice. Since it's in great condition and plays CD-Rs and is region-free for imports, I figure it's better off going to an AA member who will love it.
SCPH-9001 modded PlayStation 1 system
1x 3rd-party Dual Shock clone controller. As clones go, it's pretty nice, honestly
1x Sony-branded composite AV cable
1x power cord with the keyed connector to match the system
3x Retro-Bit PS1 memory cards - two are still in the package
1x other third-party PS1 memory card
Looking for $70 shipped.


SOLD TO SCOOBY105 Everdrive N8 - $95 shipped - comes with 4GB SD card. NO ROMs are included, but the latest firmware is on there.

SOLD TO SCOOBY105 RetroUSB AVS - turns out my nostalgia for the NES can be sated by emulation. Got this in the latest batch of preorders in February. Comes with the following: Original mini USB and power adapter HDMI cable Original box with manual OEM Nintendo controllers with Tomee extension cord Asking $160 shipped.




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Selling my AVS and Everdrive N8. I am in love with my Analogue systems, and this does great with the NES, but my nostalgia isn't that strong for the NES these days, even though it's all I wanted when I was 10. :lol:

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