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Anyone want a FREE KayPro 8088 full size case?

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HI! I went through a phase where I bought and restored a bunch of 8088 KayPros... yup. Hahah... after all was said and done, I was left with one KayPro 8088 case and power supply that I don't have a use for. It looks exactly like the one in this video (a video I took years ago):




The only difference is, mine won't come with any drives in it, and has some surface rust on the inside of the case where the battery leaked and ate at the metal. I've cleaned it up, and painted the inside of the case.


It will also come with a good working 8088 XT power supply.



I'm giving it away for free, you'd just need to pay shipping. I need to get rid of it since it's in the garage, please let me know if you'd like it and I can get it shipped ASAP.

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Any idea shipping to palatka, FL 32177?


It could be 100% free if you're willing to drive to Ocala. I'm going to be in Florida in June, visiting my parents in The Villages. If you don't mind swinging by, I'll give it to you then along with a bunch of other KayPro stuff that I run across. Let me know?



I would be interested in just the xt power supply if that's possible, pm sent.


I will say yes, but only if I can't find anyone else who's willing to take it within a reasonable amount of time.





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