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atari2600land's Blog - Fighting with Windows Media Player, again...

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Apparently the music I made isn't music at all, but an album of Romanian phrases, that is, according to Windows Media Player. It gets the craziest album info from heaven knows where and associates them with the CDs I made. So I had to tell it to stop doing that. And add my own album info. I thought I had done that, but I had to do it a second time, this time to stop it from doing that when I put in an album to rip to my computer. I got extremely bored so I thought I'd see if the album info for discs I made on my previous computers would work. Turns out no. Now I'm listening to stuff that even though I made it, I forgot about, so it's like listening to brand new stuff. And I'm going to pick up the previous project where I left off.

I was making a tenth "album" of interesting noises when I stopped because I had no ideas for weird noises I could make. So now I get to do that. I have about 30 minutes' worth of "new" noises to listen to.


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