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Free Play arcade in Richardson Tx

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Visited a really nice arcade today. Pay a ten dollar cover fee and all the machines are set to, as the name would imply, free play. They had a mix of classic and newer machines, but it was definitely slanted toward the classics. Ms Pac Man, Galaga, Burgertime, QBert, Frogger, Mario Bros, Tempest, Defender, Asteroids, Dig Dug, Rygar, Donkey Kong... I realised afterwards that I should have taken more pictures, but I was too busy playing. (And as a bonus, outside we saw a Vista Cruiser station wagon just like in That 70s Show.)



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I've spent a couple of hours at the Denton location, and it sounds as though it's fairly similar to the one in Richardson in terms of the spread of the games.


Not really much to add - it's an arcade, they have older (and newer) machines, and it was fun.

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Dallas is experiencing a renaissance of arcades opening lately. I've been to 6 in the last 3 weeks including Free Play in Richardson and in Denton. The Richardson location sells food, but they both have a nice selection of drinks and beers. I'm not even done, I've still got to make it to the Texas Pinball Museum, Cidercade, Versus, Corky's and there's even a few more. I think Dallas is starting to be a good place for retro gaming tourism (if there is such a thing). If someone came here for the "Let's Play Gaming Expo" in August you'd get to come to a great con and could hop around to all these arcades. Then there is the Texas Pinball Festival in March which is shaping up to be the largest festival dedicated to Pinball anywhere. I don't claim to be up on arcades all over the country or anything, but I've never heard of another city with quite this much gaming available so readily.




Here's a post that I made in the "What have you actually played thread" that both me and Eltigro post in with all the games that I played just this week.




Arabian 8

Asteroids 14

Baby Pac Man 35

Centipede 15

Defender 18

Donkey Kong 77

Donkey Kong Jr 20

Dragon's Lair 9

Galaga 4

Granny and the Gators 27

Gyruss 16

Jump Coaster 15

Quantum 24

Satan's Hollow 9

Star Wars 22

Star wars Trilogy 3

Track & Field 3

Vindicators 10

Zoo Keeper 9


Most of these games were played on original machines. I only did emulation for Donkey Kong and Jump Coaster this week.


I went to 4 different arcade type places this week and played a ton of stuff. Most of the arcade games were played at Regeneration and Free Play in Richardson (the same place Eltigro went not too long ago). It was awesome.




I also played these pinball machines at those two spots as well as Nickelrama and BOS Pinball Lounge:




Atlantis (em)

Batman '66

Black Knight Sword of Rage



F14 Tomcat


Flash Gordon

Iron Maiden



Night Moves

Royal Guard (em)

Sinbad (em)



Total Nuclear Annihilation

Twilight Zone

Walking Dead



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