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Arcade/MAME HSC 2018 Final Results

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Arcade/MAME HSC 2018 Final results

I have the final standings.

Please give a big hurrah to youxia our champion who demonstrated a great hability and consitency thru the entire season



After 18 rounds, and ups and downs we finally finish the current season, for me was the first time as moderator and I realized that was room for improvmentin in several rounds. I am eager to implement new ideas in the next season.


Player Final score


youxia 276

Cynicaster 255

Ramses 254

Leto 236

Atari Warlord 189

S.BAZ 163

Jblenkle 106

Hero2billions 103

Floyd Turbo 55

Road Runner 42

asponge 21

Zoyous 19

Nikon 19

Edited by Leto27
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I was late joining in this season, but look forward to the next comp. Really enjoyed some of games in this season. Like Cyn said, thanks for your time and effort to make this happen. Cheers.

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Congrats everyone! I started a new job just as the season began so I bowed out of the competition to focus on work... but I'll be back next time! Nowhere to go but up - hopefully!

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Thanks for seeing it through Leto27.


I have no illusions as to how the final standings would look like if some of you played every round. Even so, for somebody like me, with interest mostly in turn-based gaming and whose experience of arcade gaming up to this point was very casual it's quite an encouragement.


Not sure if I'll have time to go the whole hog again next round but still looking forward to some arcade action and motivation.

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