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External 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive questions 720kb or 1mb?

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Well visible difference is that one seller claims something what is not true. There are no 1MB drives.

Personally, I think that in both cases prices are way too high. And lifetime to expect is low.


What matters is DS DD - means double sided, double density. Usually it is called 720 KB drive, but that's just usual PC format. Especially in case of Atari ST it is not much used. 800 KB format rather.

But you can go up to some 920 KB, at price of lower reliability and slower work. If find floppy disks in good shape,

To add that you may expect problems with disk change detection, because Atari used non regular way for that, and only some older drives support it. And such drives are mostly dead now. It is easy to put any (PC) DS DD floppy drive in case, and connect it properly. That works well with Atari except mentioned disk change detection problem, what will not see after short test. The result may be corrupted data.

More about: http://atari.8bitchip.info/flomodam.html

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1Mb unformulated capacity, really just a marketing ploy.


Once formatted with boot record, FAT table etc. and depending on track and sectors used actual usable space is ~ 720Kb - 900Kb (the higher you go the more unreliable it becomes).

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