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Atari Lynx 30th Birthday Programming Competition

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Yes, I've read the full tutorial on how to set up and compile the dev environment (thanks for writing them).

To be honest, as it looked like quite complicated with a lot of stuff to install, I was hoping that there was some precompiled windows builds floating around, even if they are not up to date, so I could go through a simplified / easier process :).


Do you confirm me that they're isn't any compiled release available?


I am using a precompiled Windows version of CC65 (on Windows 7).


Just looked up where I got it from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cc65/


It seems to be 4 years old now.


I followed the link from the CC65 main page: https://cc65.github.io/


Not sure if there is something better now, but this version is much better than the "old" cc65.


Edit: Looking at the https://github.com/cc65/cc65 src files, it seems there is some recent activity. May be possible to build cc65 using Visual Studio?


- Jum


PS: I anyone has any ideas on how to do a fast vertically scrolling playfield on the Lynx, please let me know. At the moment I am experimenting with using 2 80 x 102 sprites, stretched 4x horizontally.

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Less is more. Instead of moving lots of graphics you could move just small details. That is what Turbo Laser Lynx did with Reiko's  Robot Run.

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Oh, this is not this kind of card game (too hard to balance for a single developer), in fact there is no card in hands, and even there will be no cards in Lynx game. It will be more like a bordgame on Lynx.

But right now, I have ask for permission to the original author of the card game as I feel confident to be able to develop it. But right now, I can not tell more before agreement.


Finally, no agreement, the original game will probably become private (maybe a future extended physical edition ?)

So I have to find something else...

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Cool to see another entry!


On my end, I've been trying to compile CC65 karri version, without any success so far.

I've tried different version of GCC (various mingW and cygwin versions), but all lead to the same compilation errors for the "bin" target:

In file included from abend.c:37:0:
../../include/stdio.h:92:19: error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribut
e__' before 'clearerr'
 void __fastcall__ clearerr (FILE* f);

I have about 20-30 similar errors and the compilation fails.


So, as suggested by Jum, I've tried to use the prebuilt cc65 binaries for windows. Those works fine (thanks), but sadly they don't seem to work with the Karri/Nop90 template :(. I have the following errors:

game.c(10): Error: Conflicting types for 'lynx_snd_init'
game.c(11): Error: Conflicting types for 'lynx_snd_pause'
game.c(12): Error: Conflicting types for 'lynx_snd_continue'
game.c(14): Error: Conflicting types for 'lynx_snd_stop'
game.c(138): Error: Call to undefined function 'JOY_BTN_UP'

and so on.


So, I've tried to add the "bin" directory for Jum's CC65 build into Karri version, and it doesn't work either (it complains about missing "longbank.mac" file, etc.).


If anyone here is using Karri's CC65 on windows, could you please share the content of your "bin" directory here?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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I just installed cygwin from the link http://www.cygwin.com/setup-x86_64.exe


Then chose gcc-core (You need to choose Devel section from the list and scroll down for a while.)


Also install git and make.


After cygwin install the shell should be the first item in the menue.


Nop's improved template compiles nicely on this setup.


I did this on a new Win 10 laptop just now.


The template also compiled without error messages as seen in the last screenshot.



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