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Do you use floppies? What do you store them in?

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I need to find something nice to put them in. Right now, I just keep them on the shelf. I don't have very many.



What a way of showing off  :twisted:! "Oh, I don't have that many, so I can stack them next to my Corvus."


I got all kinds of "modern" storage and a number of floppy drives (mostly those coveted as a kid or too cheap to pass up on) and while I thought I'd be headed more towards "modern" storage I found handling the floppies while copying quite satisfying, so I think I'll rather have a "combined" setup using both old and new. 


BTW, when I set up the "opened" Rana drive next to the laptop, my 8-year old daughter asked what it's good for. I tried to explain but didn't really find an analogy as she has no contact to physical (game) media connected to computers (too young to need USB sticks) and no contact to mechanic/magnetic media at all (everything on SSDs or internal flash memory on the devices she uses). The closest she knows to a floppy are CDs.

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