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Throwing this out there.

There is a github source file for an FTP client with the Get command at:




It's written in C, and I am not a C programmer. Between it, and the telnet client source of Matt's, and perhaps the File saving routines on the TI-99/4A for Mass Transfer that works with TIPI, someone might be able to put together a FTP client.




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Book from 2005 rescued from an office move:




It's got all those 70s and 80s protocols spec'ed out. :)


RFC 542 came out when I was just a few months old.

RFC 765 in 1980 : before I was computing

RFC 959 in 1985 : right about when I started writing in XB.


I also have an implementation in MSX BASIC. Would have been cool to do on the 4A, except our unique file system makes that a little challenging.


[email protected]

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I have written some early FTP code that seems to work in this Force Command cartridge I'm working on....


This is an early-unfinished version 0.4 May 5th build..


It needs things like display pause, for those long listings... wildcard for file copy, ftp-mget, ftp-(m)put... probably lots of other polish....


But, this succeeds my work on TIPIFM, Most of the code is written with gcc, right now it is about 34k of code interspersed into a 64k rom image. 8k is hoisted into the top end of the 32K ram expansion (32K ram expansion is a requirement), while the rest of the code runs out of the cartridge space, bank switching...





I'm only using the TIPI socket extension on the PI, no magic ftp delegation to the PI... The application layer protocol is implemented and executing on the 4A.

FTP supports hosted TIFILES, and will download to native files.

Foreign files will become D/F128 files on your 4A filesystem.
It always downloads to the 'current directory' at the time you entered the FTP prompt. so mind your location.
I'm sure this could be extracted into a stand-alone EA5 program - but not until it is stable. There are more FTP commands to implement first.
I have also only tested on ftp.whtech.com, and my laptop's ftp server...
Force Command - Why?
ANSI terminal graphics for personalized color menu creation... (not quite ready for this, I haven't implemented my 'IF' statement yet)
Toolchest / scratchpad cause there is a ton of space available in the cartridge port.
Use the stuff - for maximum experience run on a FinalGROM99, in a 4A with a F18A, and TIPI
No tricks - file management isn't TIPI specific, should be able to use this on a stock 4A, in an UberGrom, with composite display and TIFDC... You'll just have less functioning features.




# TIPICMD usage

Produces a tipicmdG.bin and tipicmdC.bin to be loaded by FinalGROM99.

The menu entry for the GROM is 'AUTOCMD' - choose this to load the auto-running
cartridge image, or select 'FORCE CMD' if you don't want the auto-running feature.

The tool provides a command line style console interface to the TI-99/4A,
borrowing concepts from MS-DOS 2.11/3.3 era... It will also be influenced by
MSX dos, as I am a fan, and whatever seems easiest to implement...


* Directories ( TIPI, other devices are un-tested )
* F18A 80 column with an ANSI font, and fast scrolling.
* 40 column mode is used by default if F18A is not detected.
* FinalGROM cartridge switching (limited)
* EA5 load command
* 'call' to run scripts
* ANSI display
* TIPIMAP to control DSKx, URIx, and AUTO mapping

## Help

There is a help command, it will list the commands/topics, then help <topic> for further help.

## Todo

'if' command is defined, but does not work.



In today's world, something like wget might be more useful, but I am enjoying implementing the old protocol.


[email protected]


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