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a couple misnomers of nomenclature or whatever...

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"MOVE D0, -(SP)"


instruction is actually a copy of the value at D0 into the stack,

and not a "move", per se, of the value from one location to the other.



Just so we're clear.


I wish somebody woulda told me!!! :twisted:


Also, when "popping" a value FROM the stack, i.e.,


"MOVE (SP)+,D0"


it too, is copying the value, that is, erm, more specifically

the "value of the value and not the value itself..."




If it wan't for trial and error and necessity being the mother of invention,

sheesh!, I woulda flunked kindergarten!





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oh yeah!


while we're at it


I really really think that middle C on the Piano Keyboard

should be that key (the only WHITE key that is cut on both sides)


you know the one I'm talking about!




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