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Lazer (laser) 1050 Drive Mod software images

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I thought I would start a separate thread for this, just in case anyone comes along later, and wants copies of these utility disks. I'll post a link to this article in the related threads - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/279029-slowdefective-1050-drives-with-lazer-upgrade/ and http://atariage.com/forums/topic/289957-interesting-homebrew-1050-happy-mod-pics/


I have archived off/preserved the disks that came with my Lazer (laser) / US-Doubler upgrade for my 1050. Unfortunately, the disk with the Lazer software was damaged, but only near the end of the disk, and all the sectors in that area contain only zero bytes, so I think the program itself is OK. I have written the Lazer software ATR that I made back to a real floppy, and tried that with the Lazer drive, and it seems to work fine - all the main menu options load (apparently) working programs, so I think this image is good.


I've also included the Happy software I got with the drive - it's Happy 7.0, and appears to be a hacked version - I haven't tried the official Happy 7.0 software with the Lazer drive though, so can only assume it's been hacked. I do recall using this disk bitd, though that's all I can recall (at the moment).


Also included is the Archiver Fix disk - this programs the Lazer to emulate an Archiver/The Chip, so you can use the Archiver/Editor software - I checked by programming the drive with menu item "E - Lazer Archiver", which was from LPS, and then loading the Archiver/Editor software (also on the disk), and reading tracks 1 and 2 (I assume this is a reasonable test). There are also some other Archiver Fix utilities, not sure if they work too, but they are probably worth a try if you have problems with menu item "E".


Final disk image is "US Doubler Utilities" double density disk - it has a lot of menu programs, etc., on it that work with the US Doubler. This disc was supplied to support the Lazer drive in US Doubler mode.


If anyone from any of the Software Preservation projects wants to include these images they are more than welcome to do so.


Hope this is of interest!








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Here's the utility disk that came with mine (probably the same), although no errors.


I have two, friend of a friend made/installed them at the time, surprised they worked looking at them.


Lazer Utilities.atr



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Hi Zarxx,


Thanks very much for the utilities and the pictures. I'm guessing my setup is essentially the same as yours, but on mine, the 74xx chip is glued to another chip, so nice to be able to identify it as a 74F139N (for the record).


Has the ROM for your Lazer been removed - and is it a Lazer/US-Doubler combo (I couldn't see a switch mechanism, so I'm guessing it's a Lazer only drive).


Is there any chance of posting another picture, but with the black foam removed, so that the wired connections are visible? Any more photos, from different angles would be much appreciated!


The Lazer software I uploaded is a bit more extensive, and includes diagnostics similar to the Happy disks, so you might want to give it a try.

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Yep, Lazer only no switch. Replaced them with a couple of Happys from Atarimax a few years ago. I don't remember removing any chips from them, just as they are I think?


I think is the Modded Happy software that came with mine.



Here's some full size images of both.


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That's really strange, I know who was doing the Lase / Lazer drives in the UK and I have seen a couple of these vero board versions called lasers but the pcbs I saw were proper printed one, cheap but printed, as was my own one..


I can only presume someone was knocking up cheap versions as a side line...


The actual lasers I know of came from the Kent area..

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Thanks very much for the extra pictures, zooming in on the chip on the bottom left of each circuit board it looks like there is another chip underneath it, is there any chance of pictures from the side to confirm this?


I'll try out the Lazer version of the Happy 7.10 utilities in the next few days, is there anything on the B-side of the disk, I think this was where the Happy PDB (Pre-Defined Backups went).


I'm pretty sure my Lazer is a bootleg version, I'm guessing someone had a cheat sheet that went something like, "run a wire from pin 1 on the 6502 to etc., etc.". Cheaper than getting PCBs made, especially for low volume upgrades. In all fairness though, it has lasted a very long time, and I was very satisfied when I got it.

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