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Classic games tracker approaching 2 million minutes of gameplay

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The "What have you ACTUALLY played" gameplay tracker was started by cvga in the 2600 forum back in October 2008, ran with excellence for many years by thegoldenband and since the beginning of this year is maintained by me.

In March 2014, it was highlighted on the AtariAge news that the Activision game Kaboom! had reached a total of 100,000 minutes of recorded gameplay, which itself was amazing. Five years later, it has doubled its figure and currently sits around 215,000 minutes!

In the current week, which will be summarized early next week, we are looking to reach another milestone: we will have logged a total of 2 million minutes of gameplay since the beginning!

Of course anyone is welcome to enter, either measure your gameplay down to the exact minute or give estimates rounded by 5 or 10 minutes. You don't have to be a regular, though it clearly shows that if you make it a habit to log your times and your scores, you will want to play more as not only do you have highscores to beat but also become the biggest contributor of gameplay... or do you?

For those who think 20th century games are dull and only serve as collector's items, there is an equivalent modern tracker (also ran by me, coincidentally) which handles all systems from year 2000 and onwards. For a long while it was dominated by Xbox One until everyone started to buy Nintendo Switch. Systems from Sony are also represented, but less regularly.

Happy gaming!

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To be precise, the classic tracker is now up to 2,000,121 minutes after summarizing the past week. It was a close call, but we made it as announced.

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