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SpiceWare's Blog - LED replacement for Halogen

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One thing about having the Tesla App for my Solar and Powerwall is I'm more aware of my power usage, which reminded me that my floor lamps use 300w halogen bulbs. Over the past few years I've on occasion looked for a suitable replacement for the lamp, but never had any luck. This time around I found an LED Replacement bulb that looked interesting, it's even dimmable. Only 200 watt equivalent though, so I ordered 1 to try it out:



Looks good, and the dimming feature works well with my Insteon smart switches, but I like to read in the living room and the decrease in brightness is enough that I don't care for it in this room. However, I have 2 of the same lamps in my TV room and those are always dimmed so the LED replacement will work fine in there. So I plan to order another for that room, and keep looking for something for the living room.

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