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Tablet Hack for Cassette files

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So, we managed to find a pair of old speakers, and after a bit of fiddling, we got the hack we found on here for using them with a tablet to load up cassette tape programs to work. Somewhat; we got Peter Cottontail's Egg Hunt to work for a few rounds, before it froze (didn't bust up the TI, thankfully), but it's promising. So, now we're wondering, how do we get the loaded programs saved onto actual cassettes for their own use?

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I have no idea why your TI froze running the game, but here is some advice for real tape use:

You will need your tablet and speaker setup, plus a real tape player.

Use a simple, short program for this if possible, until you find the right settings for your player.

OLD CS1 the program into the TI, but do not run it.

Swap out your tablet for the tape player.

Ensure you get it hooked up correctly, and type SAVE CS1.

There is fiddling to be done with the volume and tone controls on the tape player, but try first with mid-high (6-8 most players) volume, and middle (50%) tone.

When finished saving, the TI should ask if you would like to check saved data. Rewind your tape do so.

As long as the TI does not give error, you should be able to reload the program from that tape.

Individual tape type can effect things also, but you generally want tape with a running time under 60 minutes and normal bias.

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