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atari2600land's Blog - Remaking a MIDI

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I thought my MIDI I had made of Dream Theater's "The Count of Tuscany" was awful sparse, so I am trying to remake it. The first time around I had just copied the sheet music into the MIDI making program, but as it turns out after listening to the song, there's a lot more notes that are missing from the sheet music? How many? I'm almost up to the original's size after just 1/4 of the way into the song.

I actually had to give up once due to the stupid software (and the complexity of the song). But I tried again. You see, the stupid program allows different tracks to have different measure times. A track that is 4/4 in one spot, on another track could be 9/8, etc. Also taking into account is the fact that Dream Theater in general likes to change its measure times. A lot. So I'm having to change six tracks' times one by one an awful lot. And I can't imagine I'd have to limit myself to just 6 different tracks (instruments).

I bet a lot of the other long songs I've made MIDIs of have lots of time changes and key changes, but since I didn't have sheet music to follow along to, I kept things simple. But about a year ago or so, I went into the music store and got some blank sheet music (I don't know why), I was looking at the sheet music books for different bands and stuff and found a book about Dream Theater's "Black Clouds and Silver Linings," so even though the book cost $22.00 (!) I bought it because I thought doing "The Count of Tuscany" (A 19-minute-long song off the album) would make a good project.

I have all these makework projects so I don't get super bored. And when I get super bored, I go to work on one. Some are video game coding (like my Channel F Golf project), some are music-related.


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