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AtariAdventure's Blog - My collection has increased!

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Hello everyone, AtariAddenture here.

I'm finally back, and senior year is just a few days from ceasing and graduation is on Saturday. It has been awhile since I have been on here and I wanted to update you all on my personal collection! I'm up to 64 games excluding doubles of Haunted House (3), and Asteroids (2). I bought a few lots of of friends. I added some new titles to my lineup:

Video Pinball
Spider Fighter
Grand Prix
Laser Blast
Sky Jinks
Name This Game
Demons To Diamonds
Night Driver
Super Football
Jungle Hunt
E.T The Extraterrestrial
Towering Inferno
Yars Revenge (with Box)
Dodge 'Em (with Box and Manual)
Slot Racers (with Box and Manual)
Demon Attack
Star Voyager (with Box)
Cosmic Ark (with Box)
Atlantis (with Box)
Breakaway IV (Sears Breakout)
Target Fun (Sears Air-Sea Battle)
Race (Sears Indy 500)

I hope to increase the collection more in the future, mainly with Activision and arcade ports.

Happy gaming!


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