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I've got some game manuals for sale, primarily Atari 8-bit and video game systems but also some NES and Sega Genesis. If you're interested in one or more, shoot me a PM and I can get you pictures and we can have a conversation about price. Discounts are certainly available if you'd like more than one manual. Here's the list.


I also have some game boxes for sale, sprinkled in as marked throughout the list. Game boxes are "new old stock" unless otherwise indicated. 

Atari XE (and related 8-bit)

Ace of Aces XE (used box + manual)
Barnyard Blaster XE SOLD
Battlezone XE

Bug Hunt XE SOLD

Crossbow XE
Crystal Castles XE SOLD
Fight Night XE
Lode Runner XE
Missile Command XE

Battle Chess
F-15 Strike Eagle
The Pharaoh's Curse

Atari 7800


Alien Brigade (used box + manual)
Ballblazer SOLD
Choplifter SOLD
Crossbow SOLD

Crystal Quest Featuring Bentley Bear (Homebrew; box only)

Dark Chambers (used box)
Dig Dug SOLD

FailSafe (Homebrew)

Fight Night (used box only)
Food Fight
Galaga (used box) manual SOLD

Hat Trick SOLD

Impossible Mission (French)
Joust SOLD
Karateka SOLD
K.C. Munchkin! (Homebrew)
Mario Bros. SOLD

Motor Psycho (French)

Motor Psycho (German)
Ms. Pac-Man SOLD
Ninja Golf SOLD
One-on-One SOLD

Planet Smashers SOLD

Rampage SOLD
Robotron: 2084

Super Huey SOLD
Winter Games SOLD


Atari 7800 Advantage poster (x6)

Atari 2600


Air Raiders




Battlezone SOLD


Crystal Castles (color Atari Corp. version)

Desert Falcon


Home Run (Color Atari Inc. version)

Home Run (B&W Atari Corp. version)
Indy 500 XE (Homebrew)

Journey Escape

Joust (Color Atari Corp. version)

Kangaroo (B&W Atari Corp. version)
Kung-Fu Master (PAL version)

Mario Bros. (original version)

Maze Craze


Midnight Magic

Moon Patrol


Resident Evil: Trapped in the Haunted House (custom box for Haunted House; box only)

Star Ship

Star Voyager
Summer Games

Super Challenge Baseball

Super Challenge Football

Video Checkers (B&W Atari Corp. version)


Atari 2600 Owner's Manual (x3 all for Vaders; two color and one B&W)

Atari VCS Catalog Green "43 Games" 1981 (x3)

Atari VCS Catalog Red "45 Games" 1981 (x4)

Atari VCS Catalog Red "49 Games" 1982 (x4)

Activision Catalog Spring 1982

Activision Catalog Summer 1982

Coleco VCS Games Catalog 1982


Atari Force Comic Book Vol. 1 No. 1 1982

Atari Force Comic Book Vol. 1 No. 3 1982

Atari Jaguar


Attack of the Mutant Penguins (Box + manual)

Alien vs. Predator

Fever Pitch Soccer (box only)

Iron Soldier (box only)

Iron Soldier 2 (CD version)

Missile Command 3D (box + manual)

Myst Jag CD (box only)

Pitfall (box + manual)

Raiden (x2)

Ruiner Pinball (box + manual)

Super Burnout (box only)
Tempest 2000 SOLD
Wolfenstein 3d

Zool 2 (box only)


Jaguar User's Guide (console manual)


Nintendo Entertainment System


Adventures in the Park

Dragon Warrior


Mickey Mousecapade


Spy Hunter


Sega Genesis


Arcade Classics

College Football USA 96

FIFA Soccer 95

The Jungle Book

Jungle Strike

Ms. Pac-Man

Sonic & Knuckles

Sonic Spinball

Urban Strike


EA Sports 1996 Catalog

Sonic the Hedgehog Poster


Golf Magazine's 36 Great Holes (Sega 32X)

Knuckles Chaotix (Sega 32X)

Space Harrier (Sega 32X)


Sol-Feace (Sega CD) SOLD


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