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Pigeon Fever

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Hey guys!

This is my first post here but but in first place i need to thanks very much to everybody that creating this "wall". Last week i was at our local game jam with my old&good atari 2600.Topic of the jam was: seed so i created this game.


Pigeon Fever is a endless platformer where player is a north korean construction site worker, who work for bowl of rice, and his main task is catching a pigeons by jumping or climbing on scaffolding.

I use and
tweak a bit Fake Gravity Platformer by Random Terrain

and Castle of Doom 14v by atari2600land

To be honest, I'm a type of guy who want do something and teach my self by looking into it. I was trying to read that asm book for atari with online emulator but in many times it was super hard for me and when i asked somebody, they can't even explain me in way i would undertand it. But seeing code for those project and how things works was accually helpful in someway. Now after this, i think i will spend more time with VisualBB ^_^

PigeonFever.bin Edited by SteigerHSV
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This reminds me that I need to update the code for my Fake Gravity Platformer. It's kind of old and crusty. I need to improve it.

There is something with slide and collision. Normal collision works fine but when player slide he can get pass it. But still, its awesome code and it's really easy to know what do what :D

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