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SOLD: 2 Dead TI-99/4A Computers w/ Boxes - Make an offer!

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So looks like I have two dead TI-99 4A computers. Both of them are the white models and cosmetically are in very good condition. I have boxes for both of them, one of them is in the white computer box, the other is in the silver computer box. One of them powers up to a blue screen, the other has a black screen and a solid "tone" that you can hear. So they both are at least getting power. I don't know how to fix them and I'll pretty much take almost any "reasonable" offer plus shipping from Orlando, FL. (Please give me at least SOMETHING plus shipping!) ;)


Take a look at the photos below and message me if you're interested!


Computers and boxes only. No other cables, power supplies, etc, would be included.


Thank you!


TI w/ blue screen:

TI Blue Screen.jpg

TI Blue Screen 2.jpg

TI Blue Screen 3.jpg

TI Blue Screen 4.jpg

TI Blue Screen 5.jpg

TI Blue Screen 6.jpg



TI w/ black screen:

TI Black Screen.jpg

TI Black Screen 2.jpg

TI Black Screen 3.jpg

TI Black Screen 4.jpg

TI Black Screen 5.jpg

TI Black Screen 6.jpg

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If you still have these after the 8th of June, I will make an offer, but right now today after work, I am headed out of town and will not be back till around Memorial Day and my next paycheck will be used exclusively for the travel. Just letting you know there is interest, but not wanting to detract from someone else making an offer.

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Sounds good. just message me....

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