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Sydney Hunter new game OST interest check

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Hi all :-D


I'm thinking about releasing the OST of Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death (when the game is released for Colecovision), but I want to make a very high end release even if is only digital. My first idea was a Caverns Of Death OST with the music of every port of the game. But I think "Why not making a ENORMOUS RELEASE with the music of Sacred Tribe too and with music of at least 6 systems, an acoustic track and a bonus ROM with serial for the first 25 orders?".


Basically like 60 tracks (or more)


So, my idea is the next one:


Sydney Hunter Definitive OST!


- Sydney Hunter and the Shrine Of Perils music of Intellivision
- Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe OST music of Intellivision, MSX, NES.
- Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death OST music of Colecovision, Sega Master System FM Sound, Gameboy.
- A special acoustic song of Sydney Hunter and Sacred Tribe.
- First 25 orders gets a ROM with the OST of both games for Intellivision. (Yes, even the Caverns Of Death music!)
- Digital release, high quality FLAC files without compression.

- Physical release? If the people wants, sure!


Any ideas? Anybody is interested?


Thanks for reading c:

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... does it come in a box? Even better if the digital download code is inside the sealed box...


Yep, that's a plan c: I'm thinking on a cool box full colored.

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