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Classic Games and their Remakes

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I asked in another thread but I wanted to list then out here. For me, my 'classic' Atari games were:


Donkey Kong

Pole Position





Dig dug




Mario Bros

Ms. Pacman


I know we have a redo for Pacman, Asteroids, and DK, but what about the rest? How good could they get on the 2600? And what do you consider your 'classic' 2600 games?

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Well, this just happened.


At one point DINTAR816 (Pac-Man 8K) was working on a new Mario Bros. but hasn't posted any updates recently.


If you haven't already, you should try the Supercharger version of Frogger.


There have been some graphic hacks of Galaxian, Defender and a few others to make them look more arcade-like, but they aren't full-blown new games.


Honestly, I'm more interested in seeing original games or games that didn't get ported in the 80's than improved versions of already ported games. That said, if a new Ms. Pac-Man came out based on Pac-Man 8K, I wouldn't say no to it.

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