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Turn Atari 825 into a plotter (plot825 program)

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As I work on an Atari 825 font, researching old documents has uncovered (for me anyway) some rather interesting things, amongst them is a program called PLOT 825.


It is mentioned in the "Library Notes" of the TAIG (Twin Cities Atari Interest Group) Atari Newsletter 1983-09. According to the notes, the PLOT 825 program was included in the TAIG August Disk of the Month.


Reference: page 2 https://archive.org/details/TAIGAtariNewsletter1983-09?q=plot+825



It is mentioned again in the "Free Software for Your Atari" book published in 1983.


Reference: page 17 https://archive.org/details/ataribooks-free-software-for-your-atari/page/n17?q=plot825


Does anyone have disks with this software?


TAIG also had a BBS as per textfiles.com, http://bbslist.textfiles.com/612/oldschool.html


Minneapolis, MN Twin Cities Atari Interest Group


If I may please donate to the internet archive. DONATE

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