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Pro-line space-age joystick.

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I just did a very quick search and didn't find a picture of this so I thought I would post it. It's from a 1984 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog (page 535). It may just be the picture, but this controller does seem to look a little different than the standard Proline controller from the 7800. This version appears to be designed for the Atari 2600 (most likely the same as the 7800 proline I assume). Anyway here's the full catalog page:




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I don't have my 7800 anymore, but that one does look different somehow.. maybe it's just my imagination, I'm not sure.

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Looks different in some superficial ways... The 7800 one of course has a metallic shiny part where the pictured one just says ATARI. Also the top of the joystick is different... the 7800 is flat, this one has an indention. But the overall shape seems the same.


If it is for the 2600, there would of course be some internal differences, but can't tell those from the pic.


Can anyone tell what it says under the ATARI?


I wonder if they had the wrong picture based on this pic from Best Electronics. It shows the "Space Age Joystick" as a completely different thing. But then, if they did get the wrong picture, what is this one? I haven't seen one like it before.

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