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Mike Harris' Blog - Great success: The Adventure Continues

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Worked half the night to implement new features...More of a push to be accurate to the original.

Tons of progress, next release will have more but that is not the exciting news.

Came up with an almost automated way of transferring my game for use in my VDD and here are the new pictures on real, physical hardware.

I did a test run on a real ADAM, colors are not that bad considering it is not a real raster screen.

However, I am able to pick up objects, I bounce and I do not go through walls.
So far I see no NMI bugs or tearing.
I have one bug in the blue maze but everything works as in an emulator.

Who knows if you are impressed or not because I sure am blown away that after 30 something years I am able to create a game for my favorite machine this side of an Amiga.

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