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TI-99/4a Complete System, World of Wumpus Edition

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If you're in the market for a complete TI System (computer, PEB, RAM expansion, disk, TI Extended BASIC, etc) you'll definitely want to consider this auction featuring a TI-99/4a powered by a 16-bit Wumpus Core Processing Engine (aka TMS9900), developed in Texas, USA. This machine has been carefully curated to exacting standards and is the only one I've ever seen like it, or at least that's the bold claim I'm making in this age of hyperbole:



Programmers out there will drool over this auction of not only Editor/Assembler but a PCode System with PASCAL.



I have posted this in the for-sale area, where TI enthusiasts haven't thought to visit for the better part of a decade. :-D


Cheers, appreciate the consideration, and good luck bidding!

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