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EverDrive GBA - Sega Master System Emulation Compatibility Issues

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Hey there guys and gals,

I seem to be having some compatibility issues with a dozen or so Sega Master System games that won't load on my EverDrive GBA X5 (using SMSAdvance version 2.5) and I was just wondering if anyone else with an EverDrive GBA X5 could try out the games I'm having issues with to see if it's a universal problem or just something going goofy with my particular EverDrive. Whenever I try to load any of these games all I get is a black screen:


After Burner

Bank Panic (Europe)

Double Dragon

Fantasy Zone II

Ghouls 'N Ghosts

Golden Axe


Lord of the Sword





Thunder Blade

Time Soldiers


All of my other 200 or so Master System games load just fine, but all I get with the games listed above is a black screen and nothing else. At first I thought maybe I just had a few bad ROM files so I tried different versions of them from three different ROM sets, but no luck. Has anyone else had problems loading those particular Master System games, and if so is there anything in the settings that needs to be tweaked to get them to work?

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Problem solved! I had tried ROMs for each of the non-working games from two different reputable sites and they still didn't work, so I assumed it was a problem with the emulator or EverDrive itself, but this morning I tried using ROMs from the No-Intro SMS set instead and every game works beautifully now. It seems I did just have some bad ROMs after all. :)

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