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An Atari 8-bit Infocom mystery...

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Actually, I asked about the four z4 titles. I knew for certain that the z5 and z6 games had never been released for the 8-bits. Still, if we could get an updated Z-Interpreter the will allow us to run the z4 and possibly the z5 titles, assuming your machine has enough extended memory, that would be awesome!


It shouldn't even require that much extended memory. The full PitchDark project above runs on an emulated 128K Apple IIe. I've got 3 Atari 8-bits in the room with me as I type with 1,088K each. :)

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Interesting info here as one of my concerns was the 'resident' portion requirements may not actually be a inhibitor when using a different different medium that eliminate the need for the 'change disk side', so for me that means either a custom ATR or cartridge, so a 128K should be fine but even 64K machine might be able to run those titles.


I've dug out my disassemblies of V4 (Bureaucracy) and V5 (Sherlock) interpreters and so do have a basis for decoupling the Commodore dependencies and plugging in the A8 equivalents. An alternative could be to hook up with Ozmoo project and provide an A8 port but would go with the former first as its a good learning exercise :)


post-1822-0-13662400-1559000379.png post-1822-0-68964700-1559000239.png

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In addition to being a big Atari computer fan, 8-bit and 16-bit alike, I'm also a big fan of text adventures in general, since that's what got me into computers in the first place, and Infocom specifically. I have images of all of the Atari 8-bit versions of the Infocom games. I've located images of all 24 of the original version 3 Z-code games that were released for the 8-bit. As far as I knew, none of the version 4 Z-code games, A Mind Forever Voyaging, Bureaucracy, Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It, and Trinity were ever released for the Atari 8-bits, and definitely nothing beyond that.


So, imagine my surprise when I was looking through Analog Issue #58, October 1987, when I saw that Steve Panak reviewed Bureaucracy. The Atari 8-bits are never specifically mentioned, but it does say 48K disk, which rules out the ST, and Analog wasn't in that habit of reviewing non-Atari related hardware or software. This leads me to wonder, if he was able to review a copy, why was it never released commercially? Has anyone ever ran into a copy? What about any of the other four version 4 games?


Does anyone know anything about these?


My memory was these where a new generation of Infocom games and required 128K minimum- magazines at the time made a big deal about that. I think they came to the ST, but not the 8-bit. This was probably a misprint.

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