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Finally, new POKEY chips

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Before everyone gets too excited- These are for Atari arcade games.

From the website:

" Will PokeyONE work in my Atari 400/800/1200 home computer Regrettably, no. The Atari home computers require certain POKEY functions that are not supported in version 1.0 of the PokeyONE.

Will PokeyONE work in my Atari 5200 or my Atari 7800 homebrew cartridge? Maybe...? We haven't tested PokeyONE in these applications, so we can't guarantee compatibility."

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At $40 each it doesn't really much matter cause that is a price tag very few would ever consider outside of arcade repair. Even then, a real pokey is still cheaper. Really cool project but the price needs to be $10 not $40 to make it viable.

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