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Just Picked Up a 1040 STF with an odd keyboard layout....

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See pics posted....I live in the states and I just picked up this 1040 STF yesterday including monitor for a really good deal from Craigslist. This thing was filthy and I worked on it for about 3 hours dissassembling it, deep cleaning it, and putting it back together. It looks awesome now, just missing a few keys. The odd part is, I think it's a German Atari or something...(hence the missing QWERTY keyboard layout) the keyboard layout looks foreign from the other STFs I have compared it against online. The Atari label on the bottom of the system is also in German as well as the file structure is also in German. Did I simply just happen to purchase a PAL 1040 ST? Can anyone point me in a good direction to learn more about THIS specific model? I know there are different model variants of STs but this one I really want to learn more about, Any way to change it over to English?










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Yeah looks to be a German one. You can swap the German keys to QWERTY/US ones (I have them for sale on eBay) and get a US TOS chip set and you will be good.

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