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TIPI Radar Screen (Active Users)

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Being a little under the weather today, I've found my feeble old mind wondering, and was thinking about a possible new fun 'feature' for the TIPI. This idea would of course need to be signed off on by Matt & Corey both. What's the idea? I was thinking of a 'location toggle' for TIPI users, that would 'ping' through the MYTI99.COM site.


Whenever a person has their TIPI running, it would ping NAME and LOCATION (as entered by the user) on the hour. If anyone was interested to see who is "CURRENTLY UP AND RUNNING", they could load a 'radar screen' and have a crude/rudimentary map of the world, that could show a DOT for whoever is 'up'. Heck, this could even be a practical application to work with Stuart's Internet Browser. Each dot could also have a number next to it showing how long in days or hours the dot has been up.


Does something like that interest anyone else?


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Sounds like a fun idea. Would be interesting to see how many fellow enthusiasts might be online at any given time.


I'm sure privacy is a concern for some. So if that functionality were ever developed, presumably there would/should be an option to disable it or toggle it on/off.

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I recommend people leave the PI on 24/7 for the best experience with the 4A. But then I use my 4A more days than not.


So information from such a service would be mostly misleading. But, here is how I would approach it:


There are public geo-location mapping services out there... This would have to be an opt in thing, so you might as well opt in by installing a third party ( one of you guys write, document, share, and support it ) service that runs a curl command once in a while to poll a geo-location host... then someone just has to serve their map link from their web page...


A sophisticated tool would scrape /var/log/tipi/tipi.log for activity ( or just check the timestamp to see if it has changed ) before polling, to measure 'tipi activity' as an indicator of tipi user activity.



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