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Spring Cleaning Sale: Updated 6-2-2019

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I'm going through my collection and will be putting things up for sale or trade that I no longer want. I'm posting pictures now and will add prices in the future. Feel free to make cash or trade offers in the meantime. I am willing to be fairly generous on trade deals. Trade items I am interested in can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/134tHlI07W4mDp5KlxVfEpaE6t_-P4xLgUSyQTTnA5sc/edit?usp=sharing


Prices do not include shipping. Shipping to continental US only. All payments via paypal. Thanks for looking!




Pokemon card collection. There is a full set of the original 150 pokemon but a few are dark or foreign language so not a proper 150 set. There are over 100 doubles as well plus several trainers and holographics.


I don't know how to price this, serious offers only please.


The 150 set














































Foreign and others









Dell Poweredge 2600 server tower. It powers up there is no operating system installed that I can tell. I can't seem to access the bios. Has 8 scsi harddrives, 2 power supplies, dvd-rw and floppy drives. Will include a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Local pickup only. $50






NES games

Casino Kid 2 - $80

Crystalis - $10

Jungle Book - $25

SMB/Duck Hunt - $1

SMB/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet - $1

Xexyz w/ box - $15







Final Fantasy III (authentic)- $30




Atari games

Armor Ambush - $2

Astroblast - $2

Football - $2





PC games

Bone Out From Boneville (unopened) - $5

Bone The Great Cow Race (unopened) - $5

Sam & Max Season One - $5

Sam & Max Season Two (unopened) - $5

Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse (unopened) - $5





Intellivision stuff

loose boxes - $1

loose manuals and overlays $1

loost carts - $1

carts w/ manual or overlay - $2

carts w/ manual and overlay - $3

CIB games - $5













Playstation games - $2 each




Genesis games

Dinosaurs for Hire - $15

Greendog The Beached Surfer Dude - $4

Lakers vs Celtics - $1

LHX Attack Chopper - $3

Mario Andretti Racing - $1

Monopoly - $2

Ms. Pac Man - $4






=====UPDATE #1=====


Parts Consoles - $10 each








Playstation controller motors - $2





About 150 5-1/4" floppy disks for unknown computer system w/ case - $40





About 250 3-1/2" floppy disks ibm formatted - $30






=====UPDATE #2=====



Atari manuals - $1 each





Atari 2600 cartridge pcbs - $10 for all





Vader shell - $5





Xexyz - $15





RBI Baseball 2 box - $2





Final Fantasy map - $3






NES manuals - $2 for all





SNES manuals - $2 each




Third party PS1 controller w/ concave sticks - $5





PS1 controller parts - $3 for all





PS2 Slim - $30 each





Sega genesis - $15





Broken Game Gear w/ PAL tv tuner - $10






Sharp daily planner (won't power on) - $3





DreamWriter IT (won't power on, missing screws) - $10





VHS tapes - $5 for all





Asus Pentium III motherboard w/ RAM, misc cards and psu - $60











Misc cables - $5 for all






Misc cards - $3 each








PCI video capture card - $5





Creative Sound Blaster CT4170 - $10





Misc drives - $2 each









PC games - $2 unless specified


Ages of Myst 5th anniversay - $20

Dragon Wars - $5

Lemmings w/ manual - $5

Quake w/ expansion discs 1 and 2 - $20

Quest for Glory II Trial by Fire - $10

Silent Steel - $6

Thief II - $10

Unreal - $5




















Quick Shot GenX 500 joystick - $5





Manuals - $5 each



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Activision catalogs, atari catalogs, atari comics, atari promotional poster, misc promo sold.


Descent I, descent II, and street fighter II sold.


Thanks again everyone!

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