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Posted my review of Super Circus AtariAge...

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Dang I suck at this game! I LOVE IT though. :) Most fun ever being terrible at a video game. Of my 7800 collection, I think this is one of the games that modern gamer kids used to iOS apps would really discover and have a blast with. It is just so brutal!



So I know most of you have this one, but I'm curious what everyone's high scores are. I always loved the original and Bob's update just cranked my love of this game to 11.



Which do you all think is more brutal? This, or Baby Pac? I'm voting Circus.

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This is an instance that I think the Pokey was totally unnecessary. Great game and a true sequel to Circus Atari which I always loved. If there was a non Pokey version I would say that one.


This makes me want to play this today.

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