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What 7800 games do you want to see on Atari Flashback Portable?

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On 6/13/2019 at 5:07 PM, Jinks said:

They need to make a non glitchy system with a decent controller.. that wont happen so all this is useless.


They did that last year.  Both the Atari Flashback and the Genesis Flashback were excellent with very good wireless controllers.  I use them regularly.  The Genesis Flashback is my preferred way to play Sega CD games.  Its controller could be more like the original, but it works great -  responsive, no lag, good d-pad (including diagonals), and they got rid of the screw on the battery covers.

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Thats cool to hear. I have one of those blast deals that plug into the hdmi. Pretty cool but the games are limited and no way to increase the linrary of games from like 35 or something like that..

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The portable 2600 I have the controller is horrible as up is left or right and the games glitch sprites sometimes are blotches..



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I didn’t see a limit of titles. 

And since the NES mini had 30 titles, and MD/Genesis mini will have 40 titles, so here goes.

(I feel I’m then realistic as to what would get attention and interest).

And as to interest: in the following list, about every 2nd or 3rd title is a well-known Arcade Game from the era in which it was produced.



1.Ninja Golf

2.Pole Position 2.

3.Motor Psycho

4.Scrapyard Dog

5.Fatal Run


7.Dark Chambers

8.Ms.Pac Man

9.Robotron 2084


11.Planet Smashers

12.Alien Brigade

13.Impossible Mission (PAL/European; no bug).

14.Kung Fu Master*




18.Ikari Warriors

19.Mario Bros. 

20.Desert Falcon


22.Donkey Kong



25.Tank Command***

26.Double Dragon



29.Tower Toppler

30.Super Huey 

31.Title Match Pro Wrestling (with an actual manual for the combos and tricks and with 2P against each other).

32.F 18 Hornet

33. Asteroids


35.possibly Dig Dug or Food Fight, but I haven’t gotten hands on them yet.**

36-40: not sure, but my take would be ‘the more the merrier’.


The last 15 mentioned titles are in dubious/debateable order, even no particular order, and probably both Dig Dug and Food Fight will move to the top 15.


The first 15 are in order of what I like to play.


* only played on emulation to see if I’m interested


** haven’t played yet, but have high regard among the fans, and look good


*** haven’t played at all, but looks interesting as an addition in a collection, and unique.



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12 hours ago, scotty said:

Pac-Man collection and Baby Pac-Man would never fly.  Namco would never let that happen, because neither game was licensed from them.

It's still possible.  dintar816's 2600 Pac-Man made it onto the Flashback Portable, after all.

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I agree with @scotty - include an SD card, and wire the thing with 9-pin ports so that standard 2-button 7800 controllers or something like an Edladdn adapter can be used with a Genesis pad. 


Having said that, here’s what I think *should* be on a 7800 Flashback: 


Dig Dug


Food Fight

Desert Falcon


Midnight Mutants

Ikari Warriors



Dark Chambers


and any homebrews you can work out rights to. 

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My Top 10 List:

Food Fight


Ms. PacMan

Mean 18 or Ninja Golf

Desert Falcon


Pole Position II

Dig Dug
Fixed Impossible Mission



would love: Mario Bro’s, DK Jr, DK if not for licensing  

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