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ColecoVision Console Box Protectors For Sale

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Protectors for both genesis model 1 and 2 have been available for a long time at retroprotection.com. 

It would make sense to do ones nobody else has already.


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1 hour ago, Yurkie said:

Sega Genesis.

It seems that website he referenced has at least some for sale currently. Were there other ones you were looking for?

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On 10/10/2019 at 10:18 AM, stupus said:

Yeah, just the ones i need might be enough to kickstart a batch lol.


Here is a list of all the types i believe are the same box:

Ntsc emerson arcadia 2001 (usa) (I have 2, 1 is nos)

Pal emerson arcadia (australia) 2001

Liesurevision (canada) (I have 2 boxed, 1 is nos)

Schmid tvg 2000 (germany) (2 box versions)

Hanimex hmg 2650 (europe, australia)

Gig Leonardo (italy) (2 box versions)

Ntsc Home Arcade (region?)

Pal Home Arcade (region?)

Advision *(france)

Tunix (new zealand)  (2 system versions)

Bandia Arcadia (japan)

Intercord XL 2000 (germany)

Tchibo Tele-fever (germany)


There are at least 3 more i know of i am missing that should also use this box:

Cosmos tele-computer (germany) (hopefully i am getting 1 soon...fingers crossed)

Tedelex (south africa)

Educat (israel)


There are a couple other big arcadia collectors that also have alot of these that likely would want protectors too. :)

it would be wonderful if you make a batch, and like i said possubly apf is the same too, need to double check.





I ended up purchasing one of these consoles and some games. Its actually pretty interesting and would be fun to see if the games are any good. 

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It actually has some good games and the controllers are decent. 

Slightly better than atari graphics and a bit better than intellivision graphics.

It just got no 3rd party support and was released too late.

But it does have some exclusive rare arcade ports.

Great you got 1! Cant wait for protectors! Then i can finally display all 18 of these together and get them out of plastic bins!! :)

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Go news everyone they are finally made and delivered! I purchased some special boxes to ship them in today and once they arrive I can start selling them. 

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3 hours ago, Jaymiester said:

Just got mine delivered today and it fits like a glove!!


Thanks for getting these made! 


Thanks for sharing. My that looks fantastic! 

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