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Let's have an Adventure.

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I've been tinkering with an old game I found on the Gamebase, called Adventureland for extended basic by TSV Videogames.


I've added a title screen, "help" command, medieval style font, and it's been compiled to make it a little more bearable to play.


Have fun.


ADVENTUR-X.zip - Extended Basic

EA5.zip - Editor Assembler option 5





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I remember seeing this one BITD. . .thanks for the update!

You're welcome Ksarul.


It should be noted, though, that whilst I was preparing the game for being compiled I noted that it did seem somewhat "unfinished", there's words in there that don't seem to function, but it plays nicely enough. The torch is an issue and I'm not sure if the score is being added up. I would have fixed it but obviously I couldn't fathom the code.

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Here's a modified version of ASD & D's Haunted House adventure, originally in Extended Basic.


This version is compiled, has a new "ghost" sound effect, a new font, and a small graphical title screen that displays a haunted house.

(Saving or loading a game is sadly not possible on this version)


HAUNTED-X.zip < Extended Basic

EA5.zip < Editor Assembler opt.5









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