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32blit The open, retro-inspired, handheld console for creators

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Hi, I hope I posted this in the right forum.


Just wondering if other homebrew/hackers have seen this project?




It's currently being kickstarted here, by the reputable pimoroni: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pimoroni/32blit-retro-inspired-handheld-with-open-source-fi


You don't just get hardware and a SDK, looks like they'll be providing lectures (twitch.tv videos tutorials) and dev support (via discord).




Which I think is pretty cool for learners (Lua) or pro's (C++) a like.

I was a Net Yaroze member (Sony's programmable playstation for hobbyist) in the 90's, and a program like this which provides education, support, community and custom hardware, to make video games is pretty rare!

And this is also English (UK based) which again, is also nostalgic for me!



It's powered by a micro-controller, with 1MB of RAM.

  • Brilliant 3.5” IPS screen
  • 400MHz ARM Cortex-M7
  • Analog thumbstick and D-pad
  • Built-in speaker
  • 4+ hour battery life


It's very under powered (by today's standards) but it's heart is 'real' retro (blitting pixels), yet powerful enough to do some interesting gameplay!




And as good console manufactures, they're also developing tools:

* Sprite editor- prepare spritesheets, palettes, and animations

* Map editor- layout levels, define dungeons, and become a map master!

* SFX editor- create those essential bleeps, bloops, and crashes

* Music editor- compose a four-channel 8-bit masterpiece for your project


It's all opensourced (firmware/sdk), toolchain is win/linux compatible, and they also have royalty free assets (pixel art, SF BG audio)


They also have a few interesting blog post too:


Particle effects



Anyway, I'm not affiliated with the project, I'm an excited backed, beta tester!

For me it's interesting seeing hardware and software coming together, pre gamedev!

Seeing as there's talk about playdate and Intellivision Amico already here, I thought I would put it this here also :D


What you guys think?



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Can't see myself developing on this thing to be honest. Given that my design style is high-colour psychedelia, a B&W display doesn't really appeal, crank or no crank.

@Yak,That's playdate, but what do you think of this one Jeff?

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152 dollars! I was writing bad lua games on a 333mhz psp a decade ago


This is in the "mildly interesting toy" department not buy an off lease laptop department (which has plenty of programming resources)

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