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What are your "TOP 5" Atari 5200 games... AND WHY?

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6 hours ago, Nuclear Pacman said:

River Raid: My favorite genre is the shmup. This game is amazing. I like how you can play at a pace you prefer with the thrust adjustment. The 5200 game with more detail and more enemies is icing on the cake.

@Nuclear Pacman Totally forgot about the blimps and shooting tanks.  Thanks for reminding me.  Might have to break out the Big Sexy and play tonight.

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  1. Space Dungeon — Because it's fun! I just wish someone would hack it so the amount of debris lessens as the levels advance because the game slows to a crawl on higher levels and the play becomes really uneven
  2. Qix — I've always loved this, but your controller has to be in tip-top shape or forget it
  3. Pengo — I played the crap out of this
  4. Moon Patrol — I also played the crap out of this
  5. Gremlins — Fun and clever. I just wish the color palette choices were a little nicer

Centipede might have made the list but for the bug (ha) where the flea stops dropping after a certain level and this messes up the gameplay because the mushroom field gets thinned out too much.


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