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Jaguar High Score Decals

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A few years back, I had some Activision patches produced. Nathan gave me permission to use his hilarious "You Suck" artwork, and the patches came out really nice.

The patches are great, but kinda expensive and require larger numbers to produce, so I was thinking of doing decals(stickers).

I ordered a small test run, and the quality is extremely nice. They look like store sold decals, very nice quality.


Here was what I thought....Maybe highscore decals similiar to Activision patches. They would be about $1 each, instead of $4-5 for patches.

Anyone interested? I was hoping some of the great artists around here could maybe help(free decals anyone?)

Starting with 10-12 of the BEST Jaguar games( Tempest 2000, Missle Command 3D, Super Burnout, Power Drive Rally, Rebooteroids, Downfall[if CJ is ok with it], etc)


Just seeing if there is interest and if anyone wants to help with the artwork, or ideas?



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For sure! Any mock ups yet?


No, I was hoping for some help in this area....my skill in this area is not the best.

Anyone want to have their art printed on some decals?

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Here was a test run I did using The Eyeball Mural's "Space SHuttle" artwork. It was just to see the quality of the decals, which turned out extremely nice.


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