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10 Line XB Entry: Python

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Joystick required. Dodge the cars and get your python across the road as many times as you can!



100 CALL CLEAR :: CALL SCREEN(4) :: CALL MAGNIFY(3) :: CALL COLOR(9,12,2,10,2,15,11,13,13) :: FOR I=128 TO 140 STEP 4 :: READ C$ :: CALL CHAR(I,C$) :: NEXT I
110 CALL CHAR(96,"000000F0F",97,"0",104,RPT$("8000",4),105,"0") :: CALL HCHAR(23,1,105,128) :: CALL HCHAR(10,1,112,192) :: FOR I=1 TO 31 STEP 2
120 CALL VCHAR(1,I,104,2) :: CALL VCHAR(23,I,104,2) :: NEXT I :: CALL HCHAR(3,1,97,224) :: CALL HCHAR(16,1,97,224) :: CALL HCHAR(6,1,96,32) :: L=1 :: S=0
130 CALL HCHAR(19,1,96,32) :: N=MIN(3,1+INT(L/2)) :: Z=2 :: FOR I=0 TO 1 :: FOR J=0 TO 1 :: FOR K=0 TO N-1 :: C=1+K*80+RND*60 :: V=(J=0)*MIN(4+L,48)-(J=1)*MIN(4+L,48)
140 CALL SPRITE(#Z,136+4*J,3+INT(RND*14),20+I*104+J*32,C,0,V) :: Z=Z+1 :: NEXT K :: NEXT J :: NEXT I :: CALL SPRITE(#1,128,14,176,120)
160 IF R<16 THEN CALL DELSPRITE(ALL) :: S=S+10*L :: L=L+1 :: DISPLAY AT(12,14):S; :: GOTO 130
170 CALL MOTION(#1,-X*4,Y*4) :: A=A+4 AND 4 :: CALL PATTERN(#1,128+A) :: GOTO 150
180 DATA 01030303010000000003070E0C0C070100808080E0F0381838F0C000000000C0,00010101070F1C181C0F03000000000380C0C0C08000000000C0E0703030E080
190 DATA 000000000304047FFFE75B3C1800000000000000FECE87FFFFE7DA3C18000000,000000007F73E1FFFFE75B3C1800000000000000C02020FEFFE7DA3C18000000
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Nice job! Love seeing all the cool stuff in the language I first coded in (besides TI BASIC (non-XB) and Apple IIe BASIC) a lifetime ago!


Until I get time to bang out a 10 line XB program, here's my 10 lines of silliness for the day from a quick REST endpoint being used for a latency test. I know...somewhat off topic...but been seeing all the cool 10 line XB things come in when I realized my quick and dirty from work today was roughly the right length. Just the wrong platform and language. ;)




public class SaasicaneRestController {

private final String fallbackQuote = "Flatulence is an oft-ignored path to inspiration";
private final Map<String, String> characterQuotes = Map.of("Yoda","Do or do not. There is no try.", "Tony Montana", "Say hello to my little friend!");

public MovieQuote findAQuote(@RequestParam(value="characterName", defaultValue="Hurricane") String characterName) {
return new MovieQuote(characterName, characterQuotes.getOrDefault(characterName, fallbackQuote));


docker run -p 8080:8080 mcmichaelwphat/moviequoteapp


curl http://localhost:8080/moviequote?characterName=Tony%20Montana

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OMG. This is really good. It's smooth, nice and to the point. BITD this would have been a super game for your $9.95, - only, you'd be surprised that it loads so fast.

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