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Cheap video convertor.

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It is common for the reflector in the flat lcd panels to look that way on cameras, and in fact is yet another reason why they are so terrible on the eyes. The modern displays murder eyesight...

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On 6/24/2019 at 8:40 PM, Atariboy said:

Does that box have an aspect ratio switch?


My display doesn't let me pillarbox signals that are in high-definition. So if this box stretches everything to 16:9, I'd be stuck playing classic games that were distorted to widescreen.

I was just noticing this today, as I switched TV/monitors around, that the TV I switched too, to use this converter on with my PAL converted 1200XL has no 4:3 ratio available. Since it is a PAL signal, which is letterboxed compared to NTSC to start with, I am able to switch my display to "cinematic" view which gives me a full screen image at the correct ratio, unfortunately anything that uses overscan, like 160x240 Rastaconverter images get cut off at the top and bottom just like when viewing them on an NTSC machine...but it's just a temporary monitor for my 1200XL until I get my CBM 1084S-P CRT monitor working again, then the converter will be used for other things...

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