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5 hours ago, jhugard said:

Pretty sure we had a phone conversation once with the Happy folks.  I was a HUGE Scott Adams fan and consumed everything he produced, so even speaking with his brother was kind of a big deal.  Can't remember details of the conversation, but we may have brainstormed on copy protection schemes.  They may also have expressed concern we had used some of their code.  Furthest thing from the truth - everything was clean room.  Well.  Ok.  Tom did manage to get a printout of the source code for the original 810 firmware when I was stumped on something (reliable track formatting, maybe?), but at best it pointed to an answer and at worst was unhelpful; in either case, the code was all mine.


May be you are not aware, but Happy 810 firmware is actually just the original Atari ROM patched. Almost all the original Atari code is there verbatim. We had a thread about that some time ago. We wondered if that was legal or not. If he received some kind of authorization from Atari  (I really doubt that), and if Atari was aware about this at all.



Never disassembled the Happy code, but I did work damn hard to beat them on features, reliability, and performance ... End to end, was over a year of effort.  I think it was about 3 months to get to working v1.0 firmware going after building the hardware prototype, but then spent 9 months or so on bug fixes, copy protection, timing utilities, high-speed I/O, and working with Stace on OS/A+ (though he wrote all the code for that).


Very interesting again. Looking forward to actually test your code :) We might be able to do that under emulation.

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