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Podfolio Atari Portfolio Podcast

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It has taken me WAAAAAAY too long to complete this. The first installment of Podfolio is ready for consumption. This podcast is dedicated to worlds first palm top computer - the Atari Portfolio. 13 installments total. I'm releasing the first one now to gauge reception. The rest will either be released weekly or all at once near the beginning of July.


The podcast itself will be published through the Inverse ATASCII distribution channels, namely iTunes (Apple Podcasts) and the Inverse ATASCII website.

There will be associated supplementary content embedded in the Inverse ATASCII web site, a post for each installment which will include images, screen shots, etc.


Podfolio 01 The Overview: https://inverseatascii.info/2019/06/08/podfolio-01-the-overview-supplement/


Thanks for listening.



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A lot of programs, like the Overcast I use, will ignore all but the latest three podcasts if released all at once. I'm sure there is a per-cast setting to adjust this, but FYI.

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