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Loose Intellivision Games for Sales

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Thanks for your support with my CIB Intellivision cart sale. I also have lots of loose carts that I'd rather sell than continue to store. The carts have been cleaned and tested but do not come with boxes, instructions or overlays. Shipping is $3.50 (padded envelope) for the first cart plus $0.75 for each additional cart. I'll refund excess charges. Feel free to ask for additional pictures. I also have a bunch of less rare carts, just ask if you're looking for something not on the list.


EDIT for the addition of prices (first post did not include them).


IMG 3214


IMG 3213


IMG 3212


The carts are...


$8 Blockade Runner

$8 Chip Shot Super Pro Golf

$75 Congo Bongo

$10 Donkey Kong Jr

$35 Dig Dug

$20 Diner

$10 Dracula

$10 Dreadnaught Factor

$35 Fathom

$5 Frogger

$90 Learning Fun I

$175 Learning Fun II

$20 Pacman

$15 Sewer Sam

$12 Shark Shark

$12 Slap Shot - Super Pro Hockey

$5 Swords & Serpents

$15 Thin Ice

$20 Thunder Castle

$12 Truckin'

$5 Venture

$12 White Water

$70 World Series Major League Baseball



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I've struck out the games that have been sold. Learning Fun I is pending.



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