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Dan Iacovelli

2019 Harmony Games -Final Round:Mappy (Best Homebrew Game)

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Its, time to announce the Final Game in the 2019 Homebrew Tournament.
Which is Mappy that won for Best Homebrew Game
(as well as Programing,Technical Achievement ,Music and sound and Graphics).
This round officially starts on June 11th at Noon Central and ends on July 13th at 6pm
You can download the game here and instructions  here

Rules play on standard with both difficultly switches et on "A"
Scoring goes for as forward: top 10: 10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10
Good Luck!!


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Just played a few rounds, great game! :)


But we should play with the left difficulty switch set to B. If you set it to A you become invincible.

oh didn't know that according to instructions


LEFT DIFFICULTY: A - Loot will be located in random positions at the start of each level. B - Loot is located in the same position on each level.

doesn't mention about invincibility  will check it out. (only month left to play)

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Ok this wasn't my fault but we changing the difficulty setting for left to B (the instructions  thats was in arenafoots onedrive made no mention of this as mentioned before)still a month left.
will make changes in the other sites(AVC Online ,VGS and avc onlineforum)
thanks for heads up implaler

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